From factory planning and optimisation and the entire planning process through to factory commissioning

Would you like to design your production and logistics with a focus on processes and fully utilise potential through optimal structures?

The requirements of modern factories are diverse and present enormous challenges to industrial companies. The key to the sustainable economic success of a factory lies in the planning phase, long before production even begins.

SME SCHMID will realise your factory plans according to superordinate primary objectives:

  • High-performance production and manufacture flow
  • Attractive working environment
  • Good use of space and surfaces
  • Great flexibility of buildings, facilities and equipment

Factory planning, example 1

Factory planning, example 2

Factory planning, example 3

Expertise in modern factory and production planning worldwide

The project spectrum ranges from the redesign of individual sub-departments to the overall planning of entire manufacturing systems. We handle layout planning in both two and three dimensions. The spatial situation is given consideration during planning, but the entire production process is also planned and optimised.

  • Project planning
  • Production process planning
  • Layout creation in two and three dimensions
  • Assembly layout/floor usage plan, etc.
  • Adaptation of heating and cooling systems etc.

System planning

3D-printed model for greater imagination

Physical 3D models are an ideal supplement to your plans and virtual 3D models. The plastic creation and preparation makes it significantly easier to visually picture the production processes.

Advantages of 3D-printed models:

Speed, shape and colour are significant advantages. First of all, you save not only time but also money. The latter gives you freedom with regard to design – from complex structures to small, full-colour details.

Simplifying planning

Even in the early stages of planning, you are able to compare, assess and optimise conceptual designs. This allows you to avoid expensive planning errors. Another aspect of error avoidance is the high level of precision of the model, which can help simplify decision-making and approval processes.


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Are you looking to sell a pasta production line?

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We evaluate your pasta production lines according to their age, condition and market trends.

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Used pasta production lines

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