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Compact short-cut line

Flexible grade change with low space requirement

Short-cut with new recipes and in unusual shapes, small margins and frequent grade changes – flexibility is a constant demand of the trade today. At the same time, production time and costs are to be kept to a minimum. To help you meet these challenges effortlessly, SME SCHMID has developed the Compact short-cut line. Thanks to innovative compact design, you generate a wide range of products with a small footprint. The bottom line: The compact short-cut line combines maximum flexibility with maximum economy.

This production line is executable for dry, fresh and gluten-free pasta.

Trockene frische und glutenfrei Teigwaren

Pasta shapes that can be produced with our compact short goods line:

Penne Pastaform


Fusilli Pastaform


Hörnchen Pastaform


Muscheln Pastaform


Buchstaben Pastaform


Farfalle Pastaform


weitere mögliche Pastaform für Kurzwarenlinien

Many more shapes


  • Variety change in the shortest time
  • Compact design for optimum use of space
  • Cost reduction through prefabricated elements for minimum assembly times
  • Highest hygiene standards and easy accessibility
  • Easy maintenance and long service life
  • Customized machine design


Dosage module


Compact press module

Compact press

Shaker pre-dryer module

Shaker pre-dryer

Combination dryer module

Combination dryer

Cooler module


Accessories for pasta production for pasta in multiple shapes.

Accessories for best product quality.

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Service for your maximum success

With our maintenance management, upgrades, repairs, spare parts, consulting and training, we ensure the best machine availability and the highest possible production reliability for your SME SCHMID and KELPA Kellermeier systems.

Factory planning

Factory planning

Planning and optimization throughout the entire planning process up to factory commissioning.

  • Efficient production and manufacturing flow
  • Attractive working environment
  • Good utilization of space and area
  • Great flexibility of buildings, facilities and equipment

Sell machine

You want to sell a machine or whole pasta line?

We will buy your used pasta machine or will be happy to find you a buyer for your machine. We evaluate your pasta lines according to age, condition and market situation.