Disassembly – a job for an expert

Our relocation specialists know to handle sensitive equipment

The disassembly of pasta production lines (short-cut, long-cut and nidi production lines) and accessories (silos, packaging machines) as well as infrastructure (heating, cooling, compressors) is carried out by our well-trained staff with years of experience.

The disassembly process is coordinated in advance with the seller in order to allow, if necessary, ongoing production to continue simultaneously with the disassembly of the production line. As part of disassembly, everything is clearly documented, i.e. the individual parts are labelled logically and photographed in detail. Removal of the machines and components is specific to the buildings and is coordinated with the seller.

Following or during disassembly, the machines and parts – if necessary – are packed in boxes or loaded directly onto lorries or put in shipping containers. During this process, care is always taken so that, on the one hand, as few modes of transport are used as possible (containers, lorries) and, on the other hand, there is no risk of damage during transport. We prepare all necessary documents and packing lists for each type of transport.

Disassembly of silo cells with tele-crane

Short-cut pasta dryer – discharge


Factory planning

From planning and optimisation and the entire planning process through to factory commissioning.

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  • Attractive working environment
  • Good use of space and surfaces
  • Great flexibility of buildings, facilities and equipment

Used pasta production lines

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