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Is fine pasta with the best taste
is your passion?

We supply machines and complete systems perfectly matched to your needs.


Is fine pasta with the best taste is your passion?

We supply machines and complete systems perfectly matched to your needs.

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Pasta production

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Teigwarenanlage für frische Tagliatelle

SME SCHMID plans and develops machines and complete systems for the production of pasta such as penne, fusilli, croissants, croissants, spirals, ribbon noodles or spätzle – perfectly tailored to operational and economic requirements.

Our pasta systems:

  • Short-cut production line
  • Dough belt system
  • Spätzle line
  • Belt or cell silos
  • Conveying systems
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  • Raw-materials handling
    • Receipt of raw materials, silos, mixing, sifting, conveying
  • Pasta production lines
    • Short-cut and long-cut pasta production lines, nidi/lasagne production lines
  • Storage of finished products
    • Big bags, silo cells, belt silos
  • Packaging
    • Machines for tubular and standing bags, boxing machines, shrink-wrapping
  • Palletisation/materials handling technology
    • Conveyor belt, box conveyors, palletisers, pallet movers
  • Storage/shipment
    • Storage systems, internal transport, order combination, shipment

Factory planning

Factory planning
Factory planning

From factory planning and optimisation and the entire planning process through to factory commissioning.

Your benefits:

SME SCHMID has the requisite expertise and more than 35 years of experience in efficient and effective planning of the pasta production lines in an existing building through to the complete planning of a factory with the equipping of a new building.

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  • Many years of experience in the planning and optimisation of pasta production facilities
  • Excellent value-added processes through specialised industry knowledge
  • Use of innovative planning, optimisation, simulation and visualisation tools, including 3D-printed model for the early avoidance of planning errors as well as for the simplification of decision-making and approval processes

Industrial assembly

Industrial assembly
Industrial assembly

The shipping and relocation of pasta production lines as well as entire pasta factories with the specialists. The core competence of SME SCHMID is the relocation or shipping of individual pasta production lines through to entire pasta factories. This generally includes execution of the entire process for both buyer and seller, as well as the transport between the two parties to the transaction.

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Used and new machines and production facilities or a combination thereof – we have 35 years of experience in the acquisition, planning and operational commissioning of the facilities.

  • Advice/planning
  • Dismantling
  • Relocation/transport logistics
  • Assembly/commissioning
  • Maintenance
  • Retrofitting
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Sell a machine/finding a buyer

Are you looking to sell a pasta production line? We will buy your used pasta-making machine or help you find a buyer for your machine. We evaluate your pasta production lines according to their age, condition and market trends.

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Used pasta production lines

Thanks to our numerous contacts around the world, we can find the right machine for your needs.

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