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Is fine pasta with the best taste
is your passion?

We supply machines and complete systems perfectly matched to your needs.


Fine pasta with the best taste is your passion?

We supply machines and complete plants perfectly tailored to your needs.

SME SCHMID Kurzwarenlinie


Pasta production

SME SCHMID designs and manufactures machines and complete lines for the production of pasta such as penne, fusilli, croissants, croissants, spirals, ribbon noodles, ravioli or even spaetzle with 250 to 3,000 kg/hour. Our machines and systems can be optimally adapted to your operational and economic needs.

Unterschiedliche Pastaformen in Gläsern

Used machines

New life for old but reliable machines

SME SCHMID brings together supply and demand for used pasta machines and pasta plants. We have 35 years of experience in procurement, design, and relocation through to turnkey plant installation.

Why not buy a used plant? Used machines and components immediately available.

Cavatappi Pasta auf Fördersystem

Service for your machines

With the SME SCHMID service, you increase the productivity of your pasta machines and pasta plants and reduce costs by minimizing expensive downtimes and repairs. In the process, you extend the service life of your machines.

Should a repair be necessary, highly qualified service technicians from SME SCHMID are there for you – in person on site or via remote support.

SME SCHMID Servicetechniker
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