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Efficient material handling of valuable raw materials

Process solutions for industrial pasta manufacturing

Raw-material handling comprises everything from receiving delivery of materials, conveyance into and removal from silos, mixing, sifting, pneumatic or mechanical transport of raw materials to the pasta press or to multiple pasta presses.

SME SCHMID either relocates the existing installation and rebuilds it professionally by the customer or we design a customized, individual solution. The start for this is again the planning with a corresponding diagram creation. The diagram includes all plant components of the raw material handling and clarifies the sequence and interrelationship of the individual machines.


Removal from silos

Airlock floor

Components for material management

  • Bag emptying hoppers and/or tank filling
    • If the raw material (semolina, flour, additives) is delivered in bags or BIG BAG’s, they can be blown into the corresponding silo via a bag emptying hopper. In the case of delivery by tanker truck, appropriate filling stations are designed.
  • Silo (exterior/interior silo)
    • Silos are designed in a wide variety of designs with the desired and possible dimensions in aluminum, stainless steel or GKF design.
  • Sifters and magnets
    • Depending on how the materials are delivered, different sifting mechanisms, such as rotary sieve, gyratory motion or magnets, might be required to fill the silos without contamination from foreign particles.
  • Pneumatic or mechanical conveying
    • Generally, pressure or vacuum pneumatic conveying systems are used for the filling and emptying of silos. The design of the blowers, pipe dimensions, piping with diverters, etc. is made according to the required output of the pasta line(s).
      For smaller facilities, we also work to a certain extent with flexible spiral conveyors for feeding into the pasta presses. The solution is simpler in principle, but naturally also has certain limitations and disadvantages.
  • Mixer
    • If different raw materials or additives are to be mixed with the main raw material, we install appropriate batch or continuous mixers.
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Service for your maximum success

With our maintenance management, upgrades, repairs, spare parts, consulting and training, we ensure the best machine availability and the highest possible production reliability for your SME SCHMID and KELPA Kellermeier systems.

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We build machines

Since 1982 we deal with one of the most popular dishes in the world: pasta in all variations. It all started with the procurement, relocation and commissioning of used equipment. Today, we design and build pasta machines, spaetzle plants and the associated process technology at our site in Satteins.


Sell machine

You want to sell a machine or whole pasta line?

We will buy your used pasta machine or will be happy to find you a buyer for your machine. We evaluate your pasta lines according to age, condition and market situation.