Custom-tailored lifetime service and maintenance

We ensure maximum availability of your machines and the highest degree of production safety

Lifetime service – solutions for all phases of your projects

Focusing on your own core competences, minimising operating costs, achieving the greatest possible level of availability of equipment – there are many aspects that call for comprehensive consideration of processes at more and more companies. In this context, the increasing importance of professional service clearly stands out – from analysis, advice, planning and project management through to commissioning, maintenance and retrofitting.

This is why SME SCHMID has developed a sophisticated service offering to provide you with ongoing support throughout your value chain and to constantly reduce your process costs.

Maintenance and repair


We carry out inspections to determine the current condition of your equipment and tell you where there are weak points, potential areas to increase output or where urgent repairs are needed.


To maintain the current condition of your equipment, the Schmid specialists carry out regular maintenance work. This ensures that your equipment works perfectly and increases its useful life.


Of course, necessary repairs and replacement of components are also carried out by our maintenance team.

Maintenance contracts

You can rely on Schmid Service. We offer you maintenance contracts which are tailored to your needs. You will be reminded in advance of the next maintenance appointment, which will be carried out by our qualified technicians. This enables you to always keep an eye on your costs and reduce equipment downtime through preventive measures.

Full service

We handle all maintenance for your equipment and you can focus all of your time and effort on the core processes of your business. We ensure that your equipment is available at all times and maintains its value through:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Trouble-shooting
  • Repairs
Factory planning

Factory planning

From planning and optimisation and the entire planning process through to factory commissioning.

  • High-performance production and manufacture flow
  • Attractive working environment
  • Good use of space and surfaces
  • Great flexibility of buildings, facilities and equipment
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