Used pasta production equipment

Used pasta production lines for the manufacture of

  • Short-cut pasta
  • Long-cut pasta
  • Specialities (nidi/lasagne)

We have various pasta production lines available in various output capacities:

BRAIBANTI NIDI Line 500 kg/h


ManufacturerBRAIBANTI, IT
Capacity500 kg/h
Year of commissioning1985
Consisting of
  • Dosing Unit MSDA, Bühler
  • new High Speed Mixer, Bühler
  • Braibanti Press type MABRA
  • Belt Conveyor
  • Gramula (Mixer – Kneader for laminated product), ZAMBONI
  • Calibration roller
  • NIDI machine
  • Braibanti Dryer, type GM
  • Belt Silo on top of Dryer
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Bühler TT Long Good Line, 1,000 kg/h

Long Good Line

ManufacturerBühler AG
TypeTurbothermatic Line
Capacity1000 kg/h (depending on shape and raw material)
Year of build1986
Consisting of
  • Single Screw Press TPCE-200/2000
  • Dosing Unit TCDA
  • High Speed Mixer TCMC
  • 2-Stick-Spreader TSSA
  • Pre Dryer TDED-1/4
  • Dryer TDED-1/3
  • Final Dryer TDHA-3/6
  • Cooler TDEK-1/1
  • Stick Stacker TAG-7/9
  • Stripping and Cutting machine TSTA
  • Stick return conveyor TAKB
  • New Control Unit incl. Climate with Siemens S7
Electrical Values3×210 V / 60 Hz
Control Voltage110 V / 60 Hz
Limit Switch & Valves24 VDC
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Used pasta production lines

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