Compact short-cut line

Flexible grade change that doesn’t require much space

Short-cut with new recipes and in unusual shapes, small margins and frequent variety changes – flexibility is a constant demand of the trade today. At the same time, production time and costs are to be kept to a minimum. SME SCHMID has developed the compact short-cut line so that you can meet these challenges with ease. Thanks to the innovative compact design, you can produce a wide range of products in a small space. The conclusion: the compact short-cut line combines maximum flexibility with maximum cost-effectiveness.


  • Variety change in the shortest time
  • Compact design for optimum use of space
  • Prefabricated elements for minimum assembly times
  • Highest hygiene standards and easy accessibility
  • Easy maintenance and long service life
  • Customised machine design
Technical data


Dosage module


Compact press module

Compact press

Shaker pre-dryer module

Shaker pre-dryer

Combination dryer module

Combination dryer

Cooler module


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