Spätzle line

High-quality spätzle and knöpfle with minimal waste

Spätzle have long been known beyond the borders of Swabia and are in demand across the world. So that the quality of your spätzle measures up to the Swabian original, you’ll need some expertise. With the takeover of the Kellermeier production expertise, here at SME SCHMID we have more than 50 years of experience in spätzle production. This extensive knowledge is incorporated one-to-one into the planning and production of your spätzle system. As a result, you get a spätzle line that delivers high-quality products with minimal waste. Your products have really earned the name “spätzle”.


  • Processing different doughs for spätzle and knöpfle
  • Optimised processing through pre-cooking
  • Additional units for bulky goods
  • Fully hygienic design
  • Efficient cleaning thanks to optimal accessibility
  • Easy maintenance and long service life
  • Customised machine design
Technical data


Dosage module


Spätzle press module

Spätzle press

Boiling bath module

Boiling bath

Belt pre-dryer module

Belt pre-dryer

Belt end dryer module

Belt end dryer

Cooler module


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